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MeDRA is a Christian-based Local NGO owned by the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe. MeDRA uses a spiritual approach to sustainable development. MeDRA is result oriented and believes in a theory of change that seeks to empower and transform our target communities. MeDRA was registered as a private voluntary organization (PVO) in August 2009 although activities started in 2004. The organization has its mandate to undertake Humanitarian and Developmental programmes that aim at meaningfully contributing towards positive socio-economic change in Zimbabwe, beginning with marginalized communities and most vulnerable populations.

The organization has provided long term needed assistance in the areas of agriculture, water, sanitation and hygiene promotion, environment management and disaster risk management and emergency humanitarian aid. MeDRA has worked with various communities in peacebuilding initiatives aimed at promoting tolerance and peaceful coexistence through conflict resolution, management, and prevention mechanisms.

What we do

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Empowering communities to build resilience through improved climate change adaptation, WASH and sustainable livelihoods.

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Mobilizing Resources for Sustainability. MeDRA is increasingly recognizing the need to build a solid revenue base that would enable them to sustain their activities .


Promoting social and gender justice, mutual respect and tolerance. This strategy calls for close collaboration with the Methodist Church of Zimbabwe who will be the main driver of the process.


Strengthening MeDRA as an organization to enable it to deliver on its mandate: (Governance, HR, Policies and systems, Financial accountability, PMER, IT, Communication).

Main activities

MeDRA’s primary goal is that empowered, resilient and restored communities enjoy their abundant life actively and actively participate in their own development.

Building Resilient and Empowered Communities

Our programmes seek to ensure that communities and households have diversified household income, can access, and influence public services that are more responsive, accountable, at local and national levels, at community and national level, consequently leading to improved lives, security, layered agro-based livelihoods and nutrition. Through the provision of potable water in communities, improved sanitation and health and hygiene practices, sustainable livelihoods, building their capacity in adapting to climate change through sustainable farming practices, this has helped communities to stay resilient.

Saving lives

MeDRA responds to emergencies by providing relief in disaster-stricken areas and sustainable development assistance through collaborative partnerships with stakeholders and organizations to build affected areas and restore the lives and dignity of the poor. Resources are shared with the poorest, displaying practical compassion and help those in need.
MeDRA has been actively involved in COVID-19 awareness and prevention in communities through the provision of Personal Protective Equipment to communities, schools and health institutions and encouraging the nation to vaccinate against the pandemic. Relief efforts have been rendered to Cyclone affected communities in Chipinge through Non food Item provision and psycho-social support.

Against inequalities

Our work endeavours to address inequalities and power imbalances between communities, men, women, rich and poor in all community spheres. We aim to empower vulnerable communities to fight discrimination and exclusion on the basis of gender, ethnicity, age, religion, and severe human rights abuse. Gender education has been mainstreamed in communities encouraging women to engage in leadership positions.


MeDRA Targets the vulnerable and marginalised women, girls, boys and men, people living with disabilities, Pregnant and lactating women, elderly, internally displaced populations, and priority is given to those in hard-to-reach areas.

Recent Projects

For Community Empowerment




MeDRA is implementing livelihood projects in Gokwe South which include poultry, goat production and piggery. It is also into Internal Lending and Savings as rural communities make an effort to boost household incomes to reduce poverty.
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MeDRA is responding to water challenges in Gokwe South, Bikita, Mutoko, Buhera, Chipinge and Chimanimani by providing affected communities with borehole construction and rehabilitation,PHHE training and provision of hygiene and WASH kits.
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Climate Smart Agriculture

Climate Smart Agriculture

MeDRA is responding to food insecurity in Mutoko and Buhera by providing affected communities with small grain seed packs so that they shift to small grain production and increase their harvests.
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COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response

Medra has mainstreamed COVID -19 in with projects by ensuring that PPEs are distributed across its areas of operation and awareness trainings and messaging are done to curb the spread of the pandemic.
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